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Sylvie Etchecopar




With 20 years’ experience advising blue chip companies and brands on marketing strategy and innovation issues - and a good half of that time dedicated to insight, Sylvie has tackled many different business issues. She likes to think of herself as the ‘torture test’ for any topic, including the more technical... at LATERAL, we tend to agree!
She’s our internal compass to make the complex simple.
For Sylvie work has to rhyme with play because great business ideas also come with a good dose of fun and experimentation!

Prior to LATERAL, Sylvie worked 15 years at Added Value (Kantar Consulting) where she was part of the Exec Team. Before that, she worked for a Communication firm; but her dive into insight and facilitation started earlier on: organizing discovery trips for holiday takers at Club Med, or teaching French Literature and Latin to school children!
Sylvie holds a degree in French Literature and in History, and a degree in Spanish from the Sorbonne.

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